Friday, March 2, 2007

Intermediate Numismatic Correspondence Course

American Numismatic Association, Intermediate Numismatic Correspondence Course, USA: Copyright 1978 ANA, 20 Chapters, inc 20 Question & Answer Sheets, and one blue hardcover folder.

Chapter 1: Numismatics As A Hobby.
Chapter 2: The Numismatic Panorama.
Chapter 3: Part 1 - Grading and Processing, Part 2 - Fakers and Fakes.
Chapter 4: General U.S. Coins.
Chapter 5: U.S. Patterns, Experimental and Trial Pieces.
Chapter 6: Part 1 - Errors and Minting Varieties, Part 2 - Introduction to Lincoln Cent Errors.
Chapter 7: Bits and Pieces.
Chapter 8: Coins, Currency and Economic History.
Chapter 9: U.S. Colonial Coinage and Paper Currency.
Chapter 10: Part 1 - What Makes A Coin Valuable, Part 2 - Learn To Take Advice.
Chapter 11: Civil War Tokens.
Chapter 12: Paper Money of the United States.
Chapter 13: Obsolete Paper Money and Scrip.
Chapter 14: World Paper Money.
Chapter 15: Medals.
Chapter 16: Part 1 - Ancient Greek and Roman Coinage, Part 2 - Ancient Judaean Coinage.
Chapter 17: Medieval Coinage.
Chapter 18: Part 1 - Modern Coins, Part 2 - Collecting Foreign Coins.
Chapter 19: Numismatic Exhibits and Exhibiting.
Chapter 20: Taxation of Coin Collections.

This is a compilation of 384 pages of numismatic knowledge that the collector of coins and paper money won't wanna miss. The ring-folder has aged somewhat for the past 26 years but this slight defect isn't a problem. Remember the old saying that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

I'd paid US$25.00 (about SGD$57.00 in 1980) to ship it all the way here from the USA, and thus this compilation might be the only copy around in Singapore after all these doggone years.

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