Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Amazing True Story of the Beatles' Early Years

Allan Williams and William Marshall, The Man Who Gave the Beatles Away, London: Coronet Edition, 1976, pp240 (text) and pp8 (b/w photos). Sold!

This interesting paperback might well be the very first book that I'd bought from Romie way back in 1991 when he was running Sultana Bookstore at Selegie Road. A few years later, I'd noticed another similar paperback like this and bought it from Romie, but I'd sold it to a bidder at Yahoo! Auctions Singapore in 2004.

The back cover of this paperback reveals that "Allan Williams managed the Beatles when you could have hired them for £10 a night. He dropped them when they were on the brink of becoming the biggest thing show business has ever seen. Here is the unabridged story of those amazing early years in Liverpool, Hamburg and London: the disasters, the laughs, the girls, the fights, and above all, the sweat and work that ended up producing some of the greatest music of all time."

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