Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Torn Dustjacket on an Old Hardback

Dohrman, Bernhard, Grow Rich with Diamonds: Investing in the World's Most Precious Gems, San Francisco: Harbor Publishing, 1981, pp167.

I saw this old hardback with a torn dust-jacket on one of the bookselves inside Romie's bookshop since my last two visits sometime between September and October, before I'd decided to buy it about two weeks ago.

In my opinion, the glorious days of gem diamonds are over, after hitting the peak in the early 1980s. It might take a catastrophic event something like WW2 or a massive worldwide inflation something like that in the 1970s to bring back some glory for diamonds, but I ain't betting on any of that.

I've a few books (talking about diamonds) bought during the past 25 years and I'd thought of adding this one just the same into my collection and read it for leisure. After some straightening and wiping its torn dust-jacket and finding a mylar jacket protector to wrap it up, the appearance of this old book isn't that bad at all, as shown in my photograph. Now it really goes well with the rest of my collection.

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