Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Scratch on the Dustjacket of a Pricey Hardback

Ian Sayer and Douglas Botting, Nazi Gold: The Story of the World's Greatest Robbery and Its Aftermath, First American Edition, New York: Congdon & Weed, Inc: 1984, pp423. Out-of-Print. Dustjacket. As Good As New.

I'd bought this large hardback from the online store amazon.com in 1999 for a high price of $63.54 (US$36.94), including shipping and handling. But I was not told before my purchase that its dustjacket has got a dreadful scratch across the title. You can see it clearly in my photograph. I like to think that scratch wasn't done on purpose by any of the packing staff.

Despite this incident, I've continued buying a few more hardcover books and many NTSC1 DVDs from this online store in the following few years.

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