Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Silver Bulls, Hardcover Rare Book

Sarnoff, Paul, Silver Bulls: The Great Silver Boom and Bust, First Edition, Westport, Connecticut: Arlington House Publishers, 1980, pp199.

Here's a comprehensive description written in this book about how the Commodity Futures Trading Commission outwitted the two marauding Hunt brothers from cornering the entire silver contracts at COMEX and CBOT from 1979 to 1980 when the price of silver skyrocketed from US$6.00 to US$50.00 per ounce. This out-of-print hard cover book has easy-to-read large prints on its pages. The pages are clean and neat. Nice front & back covers. Nice dust jacket. Good quality paper. Nice used.

Here's a short description about how I'd found this rare book. I'd been searching for this book in almost all the used or second-hand bookstores in town from 1987 for a few years when I'd chanced upon an obscure small bookshop in Serangoon Central in 1992. The proprietor was an elderly gentleman and when I'd asked him about this book, he simply took it out from the drawer of his desk and offered it to me at a price I wouldn't refuse to buy. He'd told me that he didn't display this book for sale 'coz he was still reading it. I am still reading it for the second time and I don't think I'll be selling it quite so soon.

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